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By August 5, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Here’s what we’re doing to keep you safe: 

Our Website is a 3-click purchase.  It Can’t get any easier.  Pay at the door, Pay at the Market, Credit Card/Cash, Pick up at the shop or the Farmer’s Market, Delivery is Free.

When you come here, the signs are on the door to remind you, and others, that Masks are Mandatory.  There is also a sign that says we can serve you outside.  We will do everything to accommodate if you forgot a mask.  Customers from outside ‘the bubble’ (By License plate) will experience extra screening and will be served outside.

Only one customer (or family bubble) at a time. There is alcohol-based sanitizer available at the counter, if that’s your thing.

In between customers, the ‘touch surfaces’ (Outside Door, Door Frame, Glass-Fridge, Debit Pad, Inside Door) are all sanitized (properly), every time.

In the kitchen we have always exceeded any health-code standard.  It’s a part of our operating schedule:  prepare a type of food (e.g. slice cooked meat), sanitize, prepare another food (e.g. salads), sanitize, Prepare another food (prep veg for sautee), sanitize.  It’s one of the reasons there is a glass window between the food prep area and the customer area.  You can see what we’re doing.  Raw meats are prepared in a separate room from anything cooked or served raw.

Our hands are washed between all foods (of course), after being in customer service, after handling dirty dishes, after sanitizing (may sound strange, but it’s true), after talking on the phone…etc (if you’re switching from one thing to another, ya wash your hands!)

We are self-screening and taking every precaution possible in our private lives to prevent exposure (without PPE).   In the very positive:  We’re here to keep you safe, which will keep us safe… on and on.  Thank you for your continued support.

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