Upcoming Changes: Smaller packaging, Premade meals, Add a microwave…

By September 24, 2020 Fresh Ideas

In the same way as we provide ‘build your own combos’ (Large 3/$35), (Small 3/$25) we have been thinking of ways to make healthy-delicious meals easier for you. 

Our thought is: what if we put together a few ‘staple’ options in slightly smaller packaging and had them on a pre-order basis? (e.g. Brisket-Mushroom soup on Rice, Pepper-Medley with Chicken and Snap-Peas, Small Burrito Bowl,  Tomato-Sausage Linguine, Pulled Pork with Mac’n Cheese, Phad Thai D&E’s Style)  Six options to start?  If anybody reads this far, let us know what you’d like to see.  Delivered to your office or home on a specific day of the week, for free?  No problem.  Just let us know.

As hesitant as we are to microwave food, we know that it’s quick and most people are going to do it anyway.  So, we ‘could’ have a few of our regular meals (listed above) in the fridge, ready to go.  We would put a microwave in our customer-service area for you to warm-up your selection if you’d like.  We made modifications to our cold-delivered meals during COVID-19 isolation, including instructions and making things ‘saucier’ so customers could microwave properly without completely ruining food.  It’s an effort.  If there is interest, we’ll do it.  We care about what the customer wants, and if that’s what will make it easier for you to eat healthy, we’ll do it.  Let us know by email info@smokedmeat.co.

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