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By October 1, 2020 Fresh Ideas

            In searching for a ‘niche’ or ‘a problem that needs to be solved’, it’s simple:  People want to eat *restaurant quality food without the expense of a sit-down restaurant or the compromise on quality that comes with low-price in a sit-down restaurant, if it’s ‘cheap’.  Our ‘niche’ is people that want Simple. Honest. Delicious Food at a reasonable price, that they can eat at home.  What we mean is food that is similar to what you would make at home, but with a final ‘touch’ that you may not use at home.  You can feel the convenience and familiarity of our food, and you can taste the difference. 

Our Caesar Salad, for example, includes ‘artisan’ bacon, Caesar-dressing, and Naan bread Croutons (ALL) made here.  It’s ‘like’ a home Caesar Salad, but it is special and, conveniently, ready.   Other examples include our use of : Lemon zest, freshly grown (at our hydroponic garden) herbs, fresh ginger root, local berries, fresh-cut vegetables, fresh crushed garlic, fresh ground peppercorns, fresh julienned (matchstick-cut) vegetables, gourmet cheeses (three-cheese MAC), Home-Made Bone broth instead of ‘stock’, home-made guacamole, High-quality hand-made gluten-free sausage, hand-selected ribs, 16-hour smoked Brisket, five types of vinegar, four types of high-quality sugar, four types of salt, judicious use of bacon-fat instead of butter, ‘just the right amount of ‘seasoning’, marinating…etc   

The problem is ‘we all need food that is convenient and preferable healthy food at a reasonable price’.  When we opened the business, there were a few influential factors:  We feel our dilemma (finding healthy, convenient, *restaurant quality food (see above), at a reasonable price) was common.  It was, and continues to be hard to find, in our town, other than at D&E’s Smoked Meats.  Our kids need healthy food, and THEY NEED TO understand that healthy food is a decision.  Our seniors deserve the respect and dignity of quality food at a reasonable, or even discounted price.

When I worked in the forest industry I travelled a lot and I had to eat restaurant or takeout food every day.  I truly got sick of it very quickly.  Lots of breads, heavily salted ‘sandwich meats’, low-quality burgers, lame salads, fried food… ugh.  Makes me feel a little heartburn just thinking of it.  Having a relatively sedentary job and aging (it’s true) and eating poorly just compound each other.  I struggled with weight and stomach problems.  So, how do we find better?  It doesn’t exist in any convenient way.  So, we opened with the goal of: Simple. Honest. Delicious Food, and that, we believe, we deliver with gratitude and appreciation to families like ours.

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