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By November 22, 2020 Fresh Ideas

            The people we seek to serve need fresh, convenient, healthy, delicious food to support their lives.  That’s the simple part.  We saw that there was a gap in the market when we were looking for food like ours, for ourselves.  [kids were very busy, both parents working, trying to eat healthy, always on the run for something]  We figured there must be more people with the same needs, so we walked the plank.

            We only seek to provide the ‘Service’: to fill that gap in the market… in the community.  The Service is to have fresh, healthy food (that you desire) available when and where you need it.  We are in the long-game.  Our plan is to take any money we make and invest it in the business, in order to provide better service to you.  We will stay focussed on continual improvement (of our menu, our delivery, and our price) in order to fill market gaps identified by you. 

            We are not buying an island in South America with all of our profits.  As in a true profit-sharing model, we reinvest ‘profit’ into the business to serve YOU better.  If the business grows, we serve you better.  We might make ‘a living’ one day, but there is virtually no chance of getting ‘rich’.

There’s also the looming question of: ‘who’s taking care of our elderly or less-fortunate’?  There’s a gap.  You’ll notice in times of emergency, there is no adjustment by most food-providers to help our community.  This really bothers us and it’s not the way we want to do business.  We’ve demonstrated that, many times.  We will do it again if we are called upon.

We haven’t seen any of the big drive-through companies drop their prices, start free deliveries to keep people at home, or provide balanced healthy meals.  Record profits from strategic advantages (drive throughs), huge marketing campaigns funded by soaring ‘need’ for convenient sustenance.  Do they care?  Is it ‘healthy (at all)? Is there a local benefit?

We believe we offer an alternative, and if it’s worthy, we’ll survive.

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