Wednesday is Chicken Day

By September 23, 2020 Fresh Ideas

It is Wednesday. As always, we will have fresh Boneless- Skinless Chicken Breasts available after 2:30. Today we’ll also cook some chicken souvlaki.

We’re steadily working away at processing our Garden Gifts. This is Red Pepper Jelly we’re bottling. We’re also doing Red and Green Pepper jelly.

This delicious treat is amazing on crackers with a little bit of melted camembert or brie cheese. MMmmmmmmm!

Then I got hungry and thought hm… I wonder… So I pan-fried a bit of Smoked Pork Tenderloin, added that to a ‘burger bun’, sprinkled some grated cheese cheese on it and voila: Green Pepper Jelly is a treat on a smoked pork loin sandwich.

I will be getting the chicken on, and then I would like to write about senior-care.

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