I wanted to come in today (Brisket Day) Nov.26 2019 to say thank you for joining us. I have lots of ideas for topics, made some video (of the brisket process), but foremost; I want to explain. I am confident we have the right collection of customers right now. I am happy to delight you. If we ‘knock your socks off’, (and we fully intend to do that!), you will tell a couple more people like you. So, Tonight I will try to upload some videos, especially for you, in the Community Area (if I can).

Last night I was thinking of semi-private kitchen sessions. For example, sign-up for the ‘boneless-skinless chicken breast’ session and we’ll show you exactly how we do it. Mac and Cheese, Soups, There are no secrets… Thank you for joining us. There will be interesting content coming soon. I want to be sure I use your time sparingly.

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