was Supper like at your House, Growing Up?

            Both parents worked.  My brother and I had separate hobbies, but
our schedule was similar.  I’m not sure
if that was built-in by our parents or how that evolved but the evening went as
follows:  When we got home from school
there would be a note on the kitchen table…


a load of Laundry,

is in the fridge- In the oven at 350 for 45 minutes

up after yourselves


Have a lovely day. 🙂

Supper was something Mom put together a lot of
the times.  Often it would be a ‘casserole’
(Rice/Potatoes/Noodle) with vegetables in it and some sort of sauce, maybe
meat.  Sometimes it was Home-made Mac ‘n Cheese.  Sometimes it would be a full ‘meat ‘n
potatoes’ dinner in a ‘casserole dish’ (Say chicken, Potatoes, Beans, Peas, Carrots)
that we would heat-up.  It was one way of
making sure we had real-food.

            I didn’t realize it, of course, that
mom was cooking during the day in order to make this easier for us in the
evening.  She was mass-cooking a few
meals at a time (I assume) and freezing them so that if she didn’t have time,
she would take one out during the day, let it thaw, and then we’d cook it for
supper.  She was making-time during her ‘off-time’
to be sure we had real food.  Thanks Mom.  We would heat supper, have the dishes put in
the dishwasher and anything left-over put in the fridge by the time she got
home (6:00 pm if I recall correctly) and then carry on with our evening.

          On top of running around to grocery shop, pay bills, clean the house, and bake (there were always muffins in the freezer for our lunches and usually some sort of sweets on the counter), she was meal-prepping.  It worked out nicely for us and in our understanding, she enjoyed it.  That’s a lot to do in your time off when you’re on shift-work.  We appreciated it then, even though we weren’t spending our time thinking about what she was doing while we were in school.  Now that we are on the other end, we can certainly identify with the busy schedule involved in planning around kids.

          We started mass-cooking for the kids (2-boys) when they were in elementary school.  By instinct, we thought it was the way to go.  Real food, rather than pre-packaged food, is cheaper, healthier, and therapeutic.  We started with Pasta-Bakes and Casseroles.  As the boys became more independent (and reliant on microwaves) we’ve been filling the fridge with packages of pre-cooked (Safe) food for them to assemble their own plates in their own way.)  ‘Safe’ refers to food (proteins) that have already been cooked to a safe temperature.  They’ll add a side noodle or rice or something (if it’s convenient for them, or just eat a WHOLE box of crackers.

          We recognize how much work that is (Prepping and Cooking the food).  What we’re try do with our business is make this easier for you, and healthier for your kids, you, and potentially your parents.  For example, having cooked proteins and sides in your fridge for people to heat-up takes far less time than the prepping, cooking, proper cooling…etc involved in one-family mass cooking.  Our thought was ‘What if we mass-cook for 20 or 40 families?’

          People value their ‘off-time’ more these days than in the past.  Perhaps this is in recognition of high-stress levels, mental health, and ‘self-care’.  It’s a ‘quality of life’ value that we appreciate and relate to.  It’s one of the reasons the Maritime Provinces (as a whole) stand-out for ‘quality of life’ and we think that is a characteristic to be proud of.

           We’d like to help you, your kids, and maybe your parents have time to enjoy their off-time.  That’s why we opened.  People can and (at least in our opinion) should have access to safe, healthy, delicious food even if they have a busy schedule, or if they cannot safely cook for themselves.  Come see us if you’d like to give this a try.  Maybe tell a friend when they talk about how busy they are.


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