What Happened ? (It’s October 28th!) – Chicken Day

By October 28, 2020 Fresh Ideas

Welcome back for year 3!

Thank you so much for looking into what’s going on.   You and other subscribers will receive this in your email later today, but right now I wanted to speak to you, specifically.

Today marks Two Years of being open for business.  Thank you so much for supporting our business and helping us improve the food culture of Amherst.  It’s working.  People have seen we (as a community, with you in the centre of it) have raised the bar.  More people are focussed on quality, healthy food and keeping it available in Amherst, and that really matters. 

Culturally, and from the viewpoint of community health, we have seen you rally around healthier food options for you and others (seniors and youth-at-risk), especially through COVID-19 isolation and community changes.  That’s a big deal!  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve you and the community through this time.

We’re working on improving your web experience, dramatically.  You are a subscriber and we’re hoping to engage with you like no other business, these days.  You are a leader, an early adopter, and we greatly appreciate that.  We are too!

We’re doing a ‘soft opening’ the next few days in order to check out our recent changes.  Here are some things we’ve done to serve you better:

  • DEEP Cleaning of the kitchen and all spaces
  • Increased our storage space to have more packaging options (you asked for smaller/smarter packaging)
  • Smaller front display fridge with fewer options
    • Smaller fridge makes more space for a microwave [see below], a larger customer garbage can,
    • Few options (5 standard meals) means they should be (we will make every effort to have them) available at all times, and they are slightly different from our past meal combos.
    • The new meal combos, starting at $8  (‘Phad-Thai’, Beef Stir Fry, Chicken with Rice and Peas, Beef with Carrots and Garlic Mashed potatoes, and ‘Bangers and Mash’)
    • Microwavable meals are different from our other meal combos in that they will include a sauce.  You add the sauce to the combo (gravy, phad thai sauce, or stir-fry sauce) and then you can use our microwave to warm it up.  We understand most people were using a microwave, anyway, so why not provide the microwave (as requested) and make the combos more appropriate for microwave heating.  FYI, the new packaging had to be microwave-friendly too.
    • We will also have smaller burrito bowls, starting at $10
    • We will make every effort to keep the fridge stocked with our regular meat products
  • Reliability!  (As requested) Stocked meats – in order to control quality (freshness), we have kept our fridge minimally stocked.  We will be cooking enough supply, now, in order to have each of our meats available as often as possible. 
    •  Sometimes we experience a large ‘draw’ on our stock such as a surprise 80-sausage fire, an order for 10 lb of Brisket, a surprise 12 chicken-breast supper.  That makes it difficult, but we have always tried our best to accommodate quick arrangements.  We have two this week, for example.
  • We also finished the woodwork in the front room, removed the roadside signage from the front of the building, cleared the bathroom of stored items (a generator, shelving, paperwork…etc), removed every piece of equipment from the kitchen we don’t use, added a security-system and I moved the computer to the house. – a noticeable de-clutter that I am grateful for.  The door now opens into the kitchen and not into customer space 😊.
  • We will now open at 11:00 and close at 7:30 Monday-Friday.  This will allow us to ‘run out’ for supplies before opening and keep the fridge stocked.  Being open at 9 am often restricted our supply-run time.
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