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By October 28, 2020 November 2nd, 2020 Fresh Ideas

We’re going to make things better by making better things!

Thank you so much for looking into what’s going on.   You and other subscribers will receive this in your email later today, but right now I wanted to speak to you, specifically.

TWO YEARS!  This is exciting stuff:  We are 100% on-track with our business plan.

There are some fine details that have ‘evolved’ and aren’t where we had hoped (see signage below), but in terms of experience and development, we are on-track, maybe because of Covid-19 pressure, and Thanks to you!

So, what’s coming?  We can’t disclose everything because we want to be first on some initiatives, but here’s some insight of what we’re doing to develop this business for people like you!

  • Signage:  (As requested)  A new lit-sign is coming (on the post in front of the business) so that when you tell your friends about us, you can say ‘go out Willow Street until you see the lit sign for D&E’s.  It’s in front of a little yellow building.  That’s D&E’s. 😊
  • We’re selling our sauces:  (As requested)  Right now we’re selling them from here, in mason jars for $7.50.  They are being tested for shelf-stability (shelf-life) and nutritional data (the label) so that we can sell through other stores.  (It’s illegal to sell at other stores without nutritional data, and we want to do this right)
  • Shelf Stability Testing: (As requested) Our meat products are being tested for shelf-stability (shelf life) so that we can use a ‘best before’ date.
  • New meal combos:  (As requested)  We are now making smaller meal combos (Phad Thai, Beef Stir-Fry, Chicken with Rice and Peas, Beef with Potatoes and Carrots, and the Classic ‘Bangers and Mash).  They are very D&E!  Made with top-quality smoked meats, sauces, and el-dente vegetables.  (no preservatives and mostly gluten-free/low-carb)
  • Meat-Boxes:  (As requested)  We are going to start making packaged-meat ‘boxes’or, more likely Paper bags. 
    • These will include brisket, chicken, sausage, bacon and pulled pork. 
    • This will help our customers make a ‘once-a week’ (free delivery) touchless purchase and have our products delivered to them. 
    • This is an interim step to being able to buy our products at grocery stores. 😊 shhh… It acknowledges that people are busy and stressed and don’t want to make an extra trip in their day.  We get it.  It was in our business plan. 😊
    • This item (the Meat ‘Box’) will be available and renewable on our website.
  • Website changes:  (As requested) Our e-commerce website is up and active and effective, but we need to make it easier for YOU.  The ‘Landing Page’ is shopping.  We will have a ‘News’ Tab installed and a ‘What’s ON at D&E’s’ Tab. 
    • That said, we are not intending to have that many ‘let’s try this’ Specials.  That’s a big change.  We are trying to be reliable and predictable.  In making every effort to keep our fridge stocked with our regular items, we will be moving away from ‘let’s try this’.
  • Regular emails:  (As requested)  We will send out a regular email (likely Sunday Nights) to help you plan your week.  There should not be a lot of variation in our weekly offerings, but we will be sending out the email Sunday Nights.  Supplementary emails will describe what’s going on in the business and any ‘Specials’ we find for you.  For example, if we find a seasonal special price on an ingredient and we can offer it on a ‘limited-time-offer’-basis, to you, the subscribers, first.
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