It was time.  In so many ways, it was time.  I tried to grow up in Amherst (Brookdale to be specific) until I was 18.  I worked ‘away’ for about 20 years and then moved back.  In that time I had a few experiences (including learning how to smoke meat on Haida Gwai), a couple forestry degrees, and experience working in the forest industry and government.

            Most of the reason I moved back was to be closer to family.  Many people my age (early 40’s) are experiencing the same thing.  My kids don’t know my parents.  My parents might need help sometime soon.  There is an emptiness to being ‘away’, making a pile of money, and losing connection with where I grew up.  I sought connection and meaning.  Do you?

            I thought ‘I bet there are a lot of other people who need good food that isn’t carb-ridden, maybe help for their parents, and general accessibility of inexpensive healthy options to assist with all of the above.’  There are people who like to talk about food, take pictures of it, build upon basic ingredients, and/or try something they’ve never had before.  In looking around our area; there was nothing for people like us.  Where could I get relatively fast, exceptional high-quality food?  What if I wanted to try something I’d never had before?  What if I wanted something made especially for me, as I wanted, when I wanted it?  What if my job was to help people free up their time to do other things that are meaningful to them?

            So, that’s what we do.  We put together a predictable day-by-day menu of the meats that we’re smoking.  In addition, we added a pile of delicious/nutritious salads and sides to the menu.  Switch them up, make different combinations, use our food to compliment your day’s creations.  Then we looked at the normal plate and thought ‘a lot of people would like a starchy side…we better add a couple’ (hence our over-the-top garlic-mashed potatoes and Mac’n Cheese).  We’re going for ‘flavour-bombs’.  To achieve this we had a creative chef come in for the first year to ‘curate’ the dishes, develop recipes, and nail-down the techniques we need to consistently deliver exception-quality food.  That’s how we did it.

             Now why does it matter?  People like us are busy and at the same time have traditional values like family, careers, hobbies, down-time.  Our time is at a premium and we are happy with our busy lives.  D&E’s can help free up your time to do the things that matter to you.  That’s why it matters to us and why it matters to people like you.

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